Juror Compensation

Jurors are compensated for service as provided in Idaho Code 2-215. The per diem rate is established by the county commissioners in the county where the juror resides.

According to Idaho Code 2-215, a juror shall be paid mileage for travel expenses from their residence to the place holding court and return at the same rate per mile as established by resolution of the county commission.
If you choose not to receive payment, please indicate on your Jury Qualification Questionnaire; any fees and mileage will be donated to the Jury Assistance Fund.

The Jury Assistance Fund permits you to defer your mileage reimbursement and juror pay to a special fund dedicated to improving jury service. A minimal allowance is available for childcare for summoned jurors who do not work outside the home. Taxicab service is available to and from the Ada County Courthouse for persons who do not have transportation. The Jury Assistance Fund also provides educational materials for schools and civic groups.

If you are interested in participating in the Jury Assistance Fund, please contact the Jury Commissioner's office, or check the box on the Jury Qualification Questionnaire.

Thank you for your contribution in helping other jurors with this important obligation.

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Reference: Idaho Legislature