Jury Assistance Fund

Your willingness to serve as a juror today is greatly appreciated. Over 55,000 other citizens, just like you, were jurors in Ada County last year.

Without you, it would be impossible to conduct trials. Impossible to uphold one of the most valued rights of American citizenship... the ability to be tried in a court of law before members of the community entrusted to decide the facts and render a verdict. What a powerful principle of democracy you represent today!

There is another powerful principle of American life you have an opportunity to participate in today. It is the noble quality of people helping people. In this case, jurors helping jurors. It is called The Jury Assistance Fund.

The Jury Assistance Fund is a court program that permits you to defer your mileage reimbursement and juror pay to a special fund dedicated to improving the juror experience. The Juror Assistance Fund exists solely for the purpose of improving life for jurors. A minimal allowance is available for childcare for summoned jurors who do not work outside the home. In addition, taxicab service is available to and from the Ada County Courthouse for elderly persons who do not drive.

What do you get in return? First, the satisfaction of knowing you are helping other jurors and the Court system in very specific and important ways. The court will provide you with a receipt that will specify how much money you voluntarily deferred and channeled to The Jury Assistance Fund.

If you are interested in participating in The Jury Assistance Fund, please contact a member of the Jury Commission staff, or check the box on the Jury Qualification Questionnaire. Thank you for your contribution in helping other jurors with this important obligation.

Cheryl L. Hoff
Jury Commissioner